Wind Horse: A Steampunk Story

Wind Horse is a steampunk story set in an alternate Earth’s Russia and Central Asia.

Historically, Russia and Central Asia have been considered difficult to steampunkify, because both areas of the world industrialised so late that different technology than steam was in play.  However, Wind Horse‘s world is an alternate Earth, and in those circumstances there’s no reason why their version of Russia couldn’t have industrialised sooner.  For that matter, who’s to say that the internal combustion engine took off in that world, or has even been developed?  Narrative imperative requires a steam-age Russia, so fiat steampunk Russia.

As if to drive home the fact that this is an alternate Earth, many of the creatures that in this world became extinct in or around the last ice age (or later) are still very much alive in Wind Horse‘s world.  So you’ll find Elasmotherium (they call them “indriks”), woolly mammoths, Homotherium (“simatar”), steppe bison and giant deer roaming that world’s Eurasia, and presumably ground sloths and sabertooths in the New World.  There are presumably reasons for this, but as we still don’t know for certain what killed off these creatures to begin with, I’m not going to speculate here on what these might be.

I hope you enjoy reading this.  It’s not my first story, but it’s my first to use a blog format.